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Subject: PART 3: The Education of Colin RoarkeTHE EDUCATION OF COLIN ROARKE
By Max the young amateurs girls Cat
Suggestion and Comments to gmony6gmail.comPART 3: Becoming Part of the Group: Colin was hiding his money and was thinking about his last
conversation with the Uncle "we sure would like you here all the time
Colin, room nine is yours", "well Uncle "R" my aunt would probably blow her
stack, she took me in when there was no one else, she could have moved to
that young boy toplist retirement place, but it wouldn't take kids" he explained, "well still
we really want you it's hard to find the right boys to give pleasure and
you do" he said. He heard the door slam and his aunt stormed to his room "well it's about
time you showed up" she growled "you'd think you lived there instead of
here" Colin knew young swedish nudists she hadn't won at Bingo. "I like being there, I have
friends there" he said in his defense, "well if you like it there so much
you can move there for all I care you ungrateful son of a bitch" and went
to the living room and turned on the television. He followed her, " I would
go if I could, I would love it if you would sign the papers" he yelled back
"you little bastard if they want you I'll sign the papers right now just
put them in front of me" she yelled back. "I'll have them get the papers,
just you wait and see" he yelled back young asian lollita
and went to his room and slammed the
door. He picked up his cell and dialed Erik's number and the Uncle answered
"Hi Colin what's wrong you sound mad", Colin was talking a mile a minute"
slow down, and talk a bit slower". Colin explained what happened and the
Uncle was smiling from ear to ear "Colin calm down, I'll sent the car for
you and the company lawyer and I'll have my assistant make up room nine for
you, now pack what you need and calm down" he reassured the thirteen year
old "I'll tell Erik when he's finished with his Patron, now get ready" and
the Uncle hung up and started the ball rolling. The Uncle set the car, called B.T.W. and got a local lawyer and judge
to expedite the paper work and had a thousand dollar check cut to the aunt
to soften everything and get her to the retirement community A.S.A.P. "What
a great day" he said to himself "things are just so good" and went into his
den humming a tune! Colin packed in young nude females no time and waited until the car arrived and he left
slamming the door and got in the SUV and it sped away taking him to a new
life, he smiled. He arrived at the uncle's home and went in "welcome Colin, welcome
your room is ready, are you hungry? "Not really youngest nude teenz
sir, I've calmed down and I
just want to rest some." "First Colin don't call me sir, Uncle "R" is fine
and get some sleep, I know you'll have a Patron tomorrow as soon as the
know you're here for good." Colin smiled "good, I'll be ready for anything
that's what I'm here for; gee I'm a Pleasure Boy now!" Erik knocked on room nine and came in "gee I'm so glad you've come to
live with us" he said to Colin. "Erik you don't know how glad I am to be
here, maybe we'll go the South Pacific together?" Erik was grinning from
ear to ear "yes that would be fun, I know we'll be great together" he said
giggling. The two played video games that morning and into the early
afternoon. The company lawyer saw the aunt and she quickly signed the
papers and took the check "good riddance" were her only words. Around four the Uncle called a naked Colin to the den "Mr. Hurley
this is our Colin, and Colin this is Mr. Hurley take him to your room and
make him feel good, I know you will. "Colin gave the man a big smile, took
the Patron's hand and led him to room nine and helped the man take his
clothing off and the man laid back on the bed that had been covered by a
large powder blue towel. Colin took hold of the man's hardening cock and
planted a big kiss on the young swedish nudists dark red head, his red tongue cleaning the
velvety head of precum then holding it up he dove to the man's gay young
tight pucker
and applied saliva with the flicking tongue "oh you're good Colin", the boy
grinned and moved younger pussy to his hairless scrotum and covered it with warm saliva
while he licked and kissed the sensitive flesh. "geez Colin what a mouth",
this licked and nibbled him more and more and he worked his way slowly up
the hard cock and once again took the corona between his lips and his
tongue swept it clean of more precum and let the stalk slowly hit the back
of his throat. Now breathing through his nose his young top thumbs lips met the sparse pubic
hair and Euro girl young his red tongue tickling the sac encased balls "damn Colin you're
worth every penny I've spent" and fucked the boy's mouth while his hands
held Colin's head in place. Colin finally pulled off "I think it's time to fuck me Sir" and rose
up and placed the Skinny girl young cock at his tight boi-pussy hole and slowly sat down on
the hard flesh and let it slide in until it met the man's balls "you're all
the way in me" and bounced on the slick flesh "oh fuck me, fuck me good" he
urged the Patron on "I want your cum, fuck me good" and the Patron pumped
his penis like a mad man "Oh no here it comes" he announced and Colin
ground himself on to the fleshy stalk and the Patron opened up and his cock
belched out it's gooey semen into the boys waiting boi-pussy", the man
declared "my heart is jumping out of my chest" and collapsed on his sweat
soaked back. Colin smiled in triumph, he was here! He and the Patron showered and Colin began to lick the limp member
"enough Colin, I have to dress and leave I have a business meeting, but I
will return for more at a later date. He did dress and left, with the Uncle
he left a rather large tip for Colin. The Uncle gave him half of the tip
for spending money and deposited the rest in his new account. "He said you
were wonderful Colin, I'm pleased, yes very pleased, go and find Erik and
you two can play those video games you two love, and the well fucked naked
boy went to Erik's room until dinner. The house was again full that night and each of the ten boys had a
Patron for the night, Colin again was fucked and he sucked the Patron well,
the man first flooded Colin's hot mouth and after a rest his boi-pussy was
well reamed and covered with hot sticky man cum, he was now in love with
his new life. young
He and Erik were in the back yard "I am glad I saw you going into the
park woods that day, this was meant to be don't you think?' "That I do
Colin, we were very lucky that you followed me, or it wouldn't have
happened. They youngest nude teenz swam in the pool and lay in the warm sun. "Are there any
clients this evening Erik?" he asked. "There are clients every night and
Saturday, Sunday and holidays there are parties" he stated. "Oh I forgot
then there is the occasional party during the week, you know birthdays and
promotions at their work, this place is always hopping and of course making
movies for the company, and we get a cut of that." "We get to make movies?"
Colin asked. "We sure do, young swedish nudists I've made five already!" "Kewl I want to make
some movies it sounds like fun" Colin exclaimed. "I'll tell Uncle "R" and
maybe he can line a couple up for you, K" Colin grinned at his friend
"thanks Erik" On Saturday there was another party and the Uncle asked Colin if he
minded being a table boy for the King of the Round Table Game", "Great I
would love to, what do I do Uncle "R"?" The Uncle explained the it was a
gangbang of sorts." "Gee what's that?" and the uncle explained he would be
fucked by six cocks until five came in him, "I can do that" he said "let's
go." And he was escorted to the table, lubed and said "I'm ready lets fuck
me" which brought a laugh and the first cock. He was passed around the group of six three times and each Patron got
ten strokes, in the fourth round one, two and young oriental girls five coated his insides and
on the fifth round three and six's cum joined the others and four was
declared Prince and along with another from the second table, they vied for
King. Erik was on the third table and prepared to crown the King. Colin and Ritchey the boy from the other table walked away their legs
showing streaks of Patron juices and the hit the showers. Erik was now
having his boi-pussy probed until the winner of Richey's table was crowned
"King" and received a round of applause and a free pass the any boy in the
house at a later date. In the showers the two boys talked about going to the Tahiti facility,
making movies and how they came to be here. Ritchey told him he had been
forced to leave a very religious house when they found him in an older
man's bed, letting the man fuck him, he had been doing the man for a month
and also a couple of his friends for money. One of the friends got him in
touch with B.T.W. and they rescued him and sent him here "it's a hell of a
lot better than eating out of garbage children younger sexy
can's and living under a bridge" the
boy said, and Colin agreed. "Now I get to have my sex, young amateurs girls a roof over my head
and everyone here does not judge me, were all the same here. They finished
with the shower and went back to the party and mingled until they went to
their rooms with their Patron for the night. The next morning the Uncle summoned him to the den "Hi Colin, Erik
told me you might be interested in doing a movie or two, is that right?"
The boy young russian brides didn't hesitate "I sure would, it sounds like fun". "Good, good
I'll see what I can do for you" and Colin went to Erik's room to play video
games, and awaited Patron's to come to the house. At four a Patron arrived and chose Colin for some fun and Colin took
him to his room and began to work on the man's big cock with his mouth and
tongue. From the man's tight pucker his tongue worked in circles and then
to the hairy ball sac where he took a nut at a time and tried to drive the
Patron crazy with sexual desire "oh, oh, oh that tongue" was all the man
could say. Colin worked his way up the flesh until he reached the point
right below the purple cap. The "V" right below the corona was an young sex japan area he
liked to tease and he did. younger pussy
"Holy Christ" the Patron said "lord give me
strength, please!" the man moaned and Colin giggled and then let his mouth
engulf the throbbing cap, his tongue polishing all precum and then he took
in most of the fleshy stalk, his saliva coating it and making it slick,
finally breathing through his nose he took the whole thing into his throat
and polished the testicle encased sac with his tongue, the Patron shot
bolts of hot white semen down and in to Colin's gullet, the boy's tongue
catching all excess as he pulled back and his cheeks puffed out with more
cum. Colin's Adam's apple could be seen bobbing up and down and he drank
the rest of the man's offering. When Colin finished and holding the
sensitive penis he smiles and planted a wet kiss on the top. "Am I glad I
picked you" the Patron announced and just lay there trying to regain his
strength. "If you fuck like you suck, I might not get out of here alive"
the Patron said as he caught his breath. The next morning when the Patron
drug himself to his car he stated to the Uncle "that boy almost fucked me
to death" and left Colin a good tip! When Colin came down for breakfast he was given a portion of the tip
for spending money and the rest deposited into his growing savings
account. "At this rate Colin you may be able to by a college instead of
just attend one, Colin just grinned and had ham, scrambled eggs, toast and
juice "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse", Erik smiled "no horses, maybe a
dog or two may be coming up" and winked at Colin.PART 4: Movie Time and Tails in the South Pacific!Thanks to Cutterman (Read his Peter Pan Story, its damn good)! And
Jellofunk's pictures, also I would like to mention the Artist Heredia,
check him out too!Other Stories: Bobby Blue Eyes #5 and Adventures in the Popsicle Navy...
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